An encouraging research programme led by Prof. Sizonenko and Dr Veraldi

The aim of the project is to evaluate the effect of treatment with a heparanase-inhibiting polysaccharide on the MPS III A (Sanfilippo disease) mouse model. This approach, combined with encapsulating the treatment in lipid nanoparticles, is anticipated to increase the bioavailability of the treatment in the brain. Results are anticipated in Spring 2024. Building on […]

A new global alliance for Sanfilippo Syndrome

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the International Sanfilippo Syndrome Alliance (ISSA), a global collaboration of patient organizations dedicated to providing timely information to individuals with Sanfilippo syndrome and their families. The founding members of ISSA consist of eleven foundations from ten different countries, which have jointly supported various initiatives, including co-funding research […]

An innovative and promising research program with the Swiss Data Science Center

This project was initiated in June 2023, pioneering the latest advancements in Research & Development. spearheaded by the Swiss Data Science Center, a collaborative effort between EPFL and ETH Zürich. It harnesses artificial intelligence and existing databases to craft an algorithm for identifying innovative molecules, whether in development or already on the market, for potential […]

A global roadmap for therapies for Sanfilippo syndrome

The Foundation played a key role in shaping the global roadmap for therapies for Sanfilippo syndrome. Access the roadmap through the provided link below. Versions are available in English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese:

Production of a children’s book ‘Noé et Noa’

To commemorate its fifth anniversary, the Sanfilippo Foundation Switzerland has created the book “Noé et Noa” with the goal of raising awareness among children aged 7-11 in Geneva primary schools about issues such as difference, disability, integration, and respect for diversity. Thanks to the generous support of the Fondation André & Cyprien and numerous requests […]