Our main objective is to optimise the chances of success
and to find a treatment for MPS.
In August 2008, we were informed that our little Charlotte, 4 years old, was affected by a rare, incurable and devastating disease, the Sanfilippo Syndrome. We soon discovered that she was far from being the only child afflicted with this genetic disease.

The Foundation created this Internet website to give to the families the possibility to meet and to inform them on the research tasks in progress. The statutes make provision for the collected funds to be exclusively used for the realization of the purpose of the Foundation and, in case of liquidation, for the total capital of the Foundation to be refunded to one or more foundations with similar purposes.

None of the founders has any right to payment, nor to any particular advantage. Foundation expenses have to be strictly relevant with the realization of the Foundation's purpose. The Foundation will communicate to any person who is interested its financial statements and the list of programs in which it is involved..

Members of the Foundation Board

Mister Frédéric Morel

Founder, President

Maître Stéphanie La Roche



Maître Arnaud Cywie


Madam Corinne Féry-von Arx


Maître Emmanuel Leibenson



Madam Anaïs di Nardo



Madam Natascha Siegrist-Fischer


action coMmitee

Madam Christine Chavanon

Madam Arlette Marcos

Madam Virginie Soulié

scientific comitee

Doctor Danielle Bertola

Doctor Armand Bottani

Doctor Susan Hill

Doctor Nicolas Lantz

fondation's office

Madam Isabelle Costes

Madam Marie Galtié